2 Broke Mermaids

Eastvale, California
United States

 Hi there!!! My name is Kat and I am the owner and creator of 2 Broke Mermaids. This is where all the fun begins. I am so excited to get to know everyone and show you all the wonderful creations I come up with. I just wanted to introduce myself so you can get to know the person (Or Mermaid) behind the screen. Stop by my socials and say hi I would love to get to know everyone.


First off I love mermaids (how could you guess), and I love pretty things. I am a Mermom of 4 and have 2 Grand-littles and I am married to my most wonderful merman. HAHAHA not sure how he feels about being called that. Anyway I love making things and when I found resin I was amazed at how pretty and smooth everything looks covered with resin. Tumblers are my favorite and being challenged with ideas makes it so fun. I can’t  wait for you to see the coasters and trays and AHH so many wonderful things that I am working on. I will keep you posted when knew things are coming...

Lets see what else about me I am a dental assistant/mom/grandma/wife by day and work in one of the most beautiful places in Cali. and I am creative by night. I listen to music or true crime podcasts while I work and maybe have a glass of wine or 2 (SHHHH don't tell) I hope to get to know all you wonderful creatures. Talk soon, Have a wonderful day!! 

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